The Love Story

Asdrey took precious time from her busy schedule and volunteered to photograph the Cruz & Zenaida “Love Story”. It was a beautiful day for the photos. Asdrey did a SUPER COLOSSAL job! The photos were more than Cruz & Zenaida expected. They were awesome! It’s not easy making Cruz look good.

Cruz takes all the blame for the video not playing at the Hall and here’s why…

  1. Cruz made sure the memory stick with the presentation was in his pants pocket while en route to PR.
  2. At the Wedding Hall Cruz realized that he left the stick at the hotel!
  3. Tell Z and there would be $%^& to pay.
  4. Thinking on the fly amid chaos, the idea of downloading the file from the “cloud” was a competent solution! Enlisting the assistance of Pete and Alex was to no avail (not to mention unfair to them) as the backup was not available. Cruz has a bone to pick with his offline backup resource (Carbonite)!
  5. FYI: Rola was nice enough to offer going back to the hotel and retrieving it!
  6. The end result wasn’t a total disaster, the DJ had photos displaying on the screen, anyway.

Cruz was told that the video was far too short. He assumed that viewers would be bored if it was too long. Your thoughts?
Anyway, here is what you missed.