Zenaida and Cruz visit Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving

It’s been 3 months after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico. The island has not yet recovered and in many places there is no electricity or internet and no timetable for when services would be restored.

Through all of this adversity, mostly everyone we spoke to had no complaints, was optimistic and looking forward to better times.

Traffic jams have brought some intersections to a halt. There were police officers directing traffic at critical intersections but there were just so many officers available. In some cases, citizens have taken it upon themselves to guide motorists through.

Below are photos and video of our trip.

November 22

We walked through Old San Juan and stopped by our favorite outdoor Cafe for a beverage before we headed out to explore. We drove to the El Yunque National Forest, only to find out that it is closed due to “Unsafe Weather Conditions”.

November 23

It was Mikey’s birthday and Madeline and Rola’s anniversary.

November 24

Wedding venue hunt! We visited several and after careful consideration, eventually selected Zafra del Caribe

It was not an easy decision as many of the venues were really nice and offered their own special charm!

November 25

Touring Day! We all piled into two cars and took to the road. We ended up in Cabo Rojo and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and restaurants… most notably “El Poblado de Boqueron”!