Some of us would play Tennis at lunch and others basketball. At one point, I think it was Justin Palatsky who suggested hockey.

As it turned out it was a great suggestion and eventually we were playing 3 – 4 days a week. The hockey fever was so strong that one time the rink was covered in snow and we still shoveled out a play area!

Unfortunately for an unexplained reason, the Hatfield playground removed the hockey nets. Not to be deterred, that was only a minor temporary set back. One of the guys found another spot – Franconia!

Troubling, unstable company turmoil led to staffing cuts and we lost some players, but that didn’t stop them from showing up for hockey! BTW: it was not all dudes, a female intern played, too.

Homies, feel free to forward the link to this post to other players, as I do not have everyones contact information. If you want the original video clips, click on the button below. The ZIP file is 5GB+ so it may be best if you download to a desktop computer. A password is required, which should have been supplied to you via the Messages app. Contact me if you need it.

I am 65.5 years old! Please don’t waste my “hockey career prime!” I am ready to play! Let’s set up an outing? Who is in… Pat?