The day began with a trip to Newtown to visit Mr. Sordoni. Although not a normal Saturday morning, who would have expected how the day turned out.

We stopped by IKEA for lunch on the way back from Sordoni’s. Of course it turned into a shopping spree. In order to get the lunch for free we needed to spend over $100. $125 later we were back in the car headed home.

Oh wait! Doña wasn’t through shopping. We stopped at two Ross stores and a sporting goods store (for me). That’s when I said “your car is getting old and while it’s still in good condition, let’s see how much we can get in a trade in”. Her eyes lit up but I could sense some reluctancy. Having a car payment is not something to look forward to.

Long story short… we stopped by Sussman Kia and after 2 hours, she was driving home in a brand new 2016 Kia Soul!