For our 5th anniversary (July 8) we headed to Home Country. Celian had been visiting with us in Philly and the three of us left on the same plane to PR. PR was a mixed bag of fun. We arrived on Saturday, July 8. The first order of business was attending Titi Consuelo’s surprise birthday party. It was a spectacular party which included a Mariachi Band. Three days later Z and I headed out to the Aloft Hotel in Ponce. The hotel was awesome, but at some point we both caught Covid. I returned to Philly and Z stayed another week. Unfortunately she had to quarantine and was not able to enjoy her vacation. Covid affected her harshly!

Titi Consuelo’s Surprise Birthday Party

Aloft Hotel

The Hotel had 3 pools and restaurants, including a Hard Rock Cafe! Only the torrential downpours prevented from us enjoying its amenities. Oh, and was extremely hot, too! HHH = Hot, Hazy & Humid!

Carillo Seralles

El Castillo belongs to the Municipality of Ponce and is managed as a Museum by the Patronato del Castillo Serrallés Inc., a non-profit organization, which comes from the private sector and is committed to Ponce’s culture and tourism. The visitor will be able to appreciate in this Museum the testimony of a time and the development of the important sugar industry and its main derivative, rum.

Fran Cheese

Fran Cheese Pizza es un lugar familiar que nació en XXX. Trabajamos a diario para crear una experiencia en donde nuestros clientes puedan venir sentarse, relajarse y disfrutarse un rato, los unos a los otros.


When the Spaniards arrived in “Borikén” (the Taíno name for Puerto Rico), they were greeted with open arms by the Taínos, who lived a peaceful and organized life. This made it easy for Juan Ponce de León and his men to conquer the island. Before the Spaniards arrived, the Taínos had a form of government where each region had a tribe headed by a Cacique. Some of the Caciques, like Hayuya, were more powerful than others. They all, however, responded to the “Supreme Cacique”, which at that time was Agueybana. The area that Hayuya dominated is considered to be the “birth place” of the Taíno culture in the island.

La Casita Amarilla

Delicioso Café Premium, emparedados, waffles, frappes y más, en un local que evoca una casita jíbara.

Chinchoro & Miscellaneous Photos